Wildlife Etc LLC is pleased to offer professional felt lining/backing services for your Zebra Skin Rugs and your tanned animal skins. We use the most advance methods and our turn around time is short in most cases. Let us put a felt lining/backing on your old zebra skin rug or game skin that you want to upgrade or your new skin. We will professional mount your African, Texas Exotic, or any tanned Zebra or animal skin no matter where you acquired it. We can use traditional black felt or you can choose a color that best suits you. We offer many types of Zebra felt lining/backing services and repair such,

Felt line your new or vintage zebra skin.
Re-felt a zebra skin that you have had for years.
Repair a Zebra Skin Rug that has been damaged.
Trim/shape a skin more to your liking.
Much Much More…

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Zebra Skin Felt Backing & Repair For Your Animal Skin Rugs

We have made a short video detailing repairing your zebra skin rug. Please view the video show below.


Real Zebra Skin Rug Boxing for Shipping

We have made a short video detailing the method preparing your rug for shipping as this continues to be a commonly asked questioned by our customers. Please view the video show below.

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