About Us

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Wildlife Etc. is a privately owned company established in the early 1990’s. We specialize in the sale of legally imported Game (animal) products. We have a wide range of products including but not limited to Professionally Tanned Zebra Skin Rugs and other Game Skins/Rugs, European Mounts (skulls), Taxidermy Mounts, Ostrich Egg Shells and more.

Our role in the overall farming of animals can be seen as one of extending the aesthetic appeal of Nature by offering a full range of objects of natural beauty. By maximizing the return to the farmer, better control is afforded thus maintaining and even improving the value of animals and strengthening each species’ long-term survival prospects.

Wildlife Etc. also offers services including but not limited to Trophy Room Appraisals of Fair Market Values, Trophy Room Liquidation and Felt Backing of tanned animal skins.

We look forward to serving you so feel free to contact us or just browse our website.