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Welcome to Wildlife Etc Auction Site where we take pride in offering a full service Hunting Trophy Collection or Animal Taxidermy Mount Auction Sale service. We specialize in the legal sale of Taxidermy Mounts, Animal Skins & Rugs, Trophy Room Furnishings & Memorabilia at Public Auction.

Note to Buyers

Wildlife Etc offers Taxidermy Mounts, Animal Skin Rugs from around the world and much more. Whether you are looking for a Greater Kudu or American Buffalo shoulder mount for your wall or a African Lion or Zebra Skin Rug for your floor please let us try to help you. For commercial buyers who need to decorate an entire restaurant, hotel, conference room, etc., let us handle your decorative needs. Buyers who want one Taxidermy Mount or a whole room full Wildlife Etc should be your 1st choice.

Contact Wildlife Etc for details on our next auctions sale Contact Us or even better to be placed on our Auction contact list Contact Form to be informed of our upcoming auctions.

Note to Sellers

Inevitably there comes a time in a Hunter’s/Collector’s life that he or she must decide what to do with their hunting trophies when it no longer becomes feasible for their prized hunting trophies to remain in their personal possession. We work with side by side with the hunter, their representative, law firms, trustees, heirs, etc. to do our best to tailor a auction sale to meet any special requirements that must be met.

Now that new U.S. Federal laws are in place that make Taxidermy Mounts donations an unattractive option, there are fewer and fewer choices to be made with regard to a method of dispersal of your Wildlife Collectibles. Options, for example, range from allowing a taxidermy mount reseller to buy your collection at wholesale prices or allow friends, acquaintances and strangers buy the pieces that would make a auction successful and leaving you with ¾ of your collection with little or no prospects of selling these items at a fair price. Selling your Hunting Collection can be a complex matter that we are years of experienced in doing.

In our experience, auctioning one piece to an entire collection is a legitimate and appropriate way of downsizing or selling your entire Taxidermy collection. With this in mind Wildlife Etc is prepared to provide comprehensive auction services from cataloging your collection, sale and checkout. Wildlife Etc will make every effort to customize our services based upon your specific needs yet keeping the sale inline with a strategy to maximize profit. One of many things in consideration that we can advise you on are the merits of an onsite auction sale at the present location of your hunting trophies and collectables or transporting your collection to a new venue as the best choice to recover the highest return for your Hunting Trophy or zoological collectable assets. Items that we auction are but may not be limited to be Ivory, Taxidermy mounts of all kinds, animal skin rugs, Skulls, Hunting Trophy Books, Trophy Room decorative items.

Contact us for details about consigning your hunting trophies or zoological collection at our next auction sale Contact Us or even better use our convenient Contact Form and someone from Wildlife Etc will be in touch promptly.

Or course the all applicable laws are observed pertaining to the sale of zoological collectables in our auction sales please see our Disclaimer and Legal link on our link bar at the bottom of this page.

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