Learn About Genuine African Zebra Skin Rugs

Wildlife Etc. offers quality rugs and skins for your home or office. We have an excellent selection of Felt Lined Zebra Skin Rugs, plain Zebra Skins or Zebra Hides, Zebra Rugs and Zebra Pillows. We also have other African animal skins and rugs for your selection.

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Description: Zebra Skin Rug (Felt lined)
Scientific Name: Equus Burchelli

Welcome to Wildlife Etc.’s and zebrarug.com African Zebra Skin Rug Page. We import exclusively the African Burchell’s Zebra Skin Rug (Equus Burchelli). The African Burchell’s Zebra (Equus Burchelli) is not a Threatened or Endangered Species. If imported through the appropriate US Federal agencies a Burchell’s Zebra Skin Rug or Zebra Hide is allowed for commerce. Please read the following before buying a Zebra Skin Rug or Hide. Better yet, just give us a call on our Toll Free number at 800.557.ZEBRA (9327).Please read the following before buying a Zebra Skin Rug or just give us a call.

Size – An average size Zebra Skin Rug or Hide is approximately 8 x 5 feet. These measurements are taken from the nose to the base of the tail and widest point that is usually the hind-legs. This measurement does not include the tail of the Zebra Skin or Hide.Grading – Each Zebra Skin Rug or Hide has its’ own characteristics. Please see how we grade a Zebra Skin Rug or Zebra Hide:Trophy Grade – Zebra Skin Rugs are the most pristine Zebra Skin Rugs that we offer. Although no Zebra Hide or Zebra Skin rug is without marks, we feel our Trophy Grade Zebra Skin Rugs are near perfect. These Zebra rugs are rare and not always available.

A Grade – Zebra Skin Rugs are near flawless. Imperfections in this grade Zebra Skin Rug are revealed only upon close inspection.

B Grade – Zebra Skin Rugs will have some natural scaring or repairs. This grade of Zebra skin rug is an excellent choice/value for customers who are on a budget. Please keep in mind that all of our Zebra skin rugs are beautiful.

C Grade – Zebra Skin Rugs may have noticeable scaring or repairs. This grade Zebra Skin Rug can be used under furniture, for manufacturing or in a high traffic area. We have found that some dealers sell Silver and Bronze grade Zebra Skin Rugs as Gold grade. Our grading standards, on the other-hand, are very strict.

Color – The color of a Genuine African Zebra Skin Rug can generally be described as “Earth Tones.” The dark stripes range from a very dark brown that some people refer to as black to a brown-tan color which is very popular. You can choose the color of your Zebra Skin Rug to match or accent the colors of the room in which your Zebra Skin Rug will be used.

Felt – Black is used to back the Zebra skin rug with approximately a one-inch boarder. Felt backing gives a rug the traditional look and helps the rug lay flat. We also offer Zebra Skins or Hides without backing.

Tanning – Preparation of a Zebra Skin Rug or Hide is of the utmost importance to assure long life. Collection of Zebra Skins or Hides from farmers in Africa who have the knowledge base to deliver a Zebra Skin or Hide to a qualified tanner in good condition is critical. A Zebra Skin or Hide must be processed by a tannery that has the facilities/equipment and qualified staff to guarantee proper tanning using modern methods. Many African Zebra Skin Rugs arrive from Africa after being processed using inferior methods. Wildlife Etc. uses only the most professional of tanners to insure we provide our customers with a quality Zebra Skin Rug.