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Wildlife Etc. offers quality Zebra rugs and skins for your home or office. We have an excellent selection of Felt Lined Zebra Skin Rugs, plain Zebra Skins or Zebra Hides, Zebra Rugs and Zebra Pillows. We also have other African animal skins and rugs for your selection. Please click on Store to enter.

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Zebra Skin Pillow

Description: Zebra Skin Traditional Pillow
Scientific Name: Equus Burchelli
Style: Pillow 18 x 18 inches
Item Number P016
Conservation Status: Not at Risk

Animal Skin Felt Backing Service

Wildlife Etc. is pleased to offer professional felt lining/backing services for your tanned animal skin. We use the most advance methods and our turn around time is short in most cases. Let us put a felt lining/backing on your old rug or skin that you want to upgrade or your new skin. We will professional …

Zebra Skin Rugs

*ALL ZEBRA RUGS DISCOUNTED! *FREE SHIPPING! *FREE FELT BACKING! FOR ZEBRA SKIN RUGS FOR A LIMITED TIME. Details READY FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPPING FROM U.S.A.! Description Zebra Skin Common Name Burchell’s Scientific Name Equus burchelli Condition New Type Mount Rug Body Length tip of nose to base of tail 8 feet Tail Length base of tail …

Zebra Skin Mane Pillow

Description: Zebra Skin Mane Pillow
Scientific Name: Equus Burchelli
Style: Pillow
Dimensions: 18 in. x 18 inches.
Item Number P016
Conservation Status: Not at Risk

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Zebra Skin Rugs seem Ever Popular

September 26, 2018