Springbok Circular Rug 50 inch


50 Inch

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Please review your rug options for this African Springbok Skin Circular Flower Rug Antidorcas marsupialis by mouse clicking on the down arrow of the first drop-down menu. After you select the rug that you desire you may mouse click on the down arrow of the second drop-down menu for your black felt back lining preferences to accent your rug. If you choose to have felt lining on your rug please make sure that your rug size matches the size of your felt.

We believe that these rugs are of the highest quality game skin rugs offered from Africa. We are confident that they will add many years of color, warmth and enjoyment to the space in your home, office or wherever you choose to use your piece of Africa. Not to mention the the value of having such a great conversation piece like this. These rugs also make great gifts for friends and busniess contacts. Thank you for shopping with Wildlife Etc. at zebrarug.com.

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